Aquatic Park EGRET is the stewardship group for the tidal wetlands of Berkeley’s largest city park. Volunteers from the community help us tend native coastal plantings to improve the shoreline of San Francisco Bay for wildlife habitat.

USA Service Clean-Up a great success

Over 90 people showed up to help clean and landscape on January 18th.

Photos can be seen here: http://web.mac.com/hoohaus/iWeb/Site/AquaParkCleanUp-PHOTOS.html

Bird watching at Aquatic Park

As a major stop on the Pacific Flyway, Berkeley’s Aquatic Park hosts many migratory birds stopping on their way south. This category will be used to post announcements of migratory birds seen in the park.

Update on wasteful and potential harmful dredging, July 2008

The City of Berkeley is requesting a “Negative Declaration” of environmental impact of a major dredging project. Read details here.

Help stop flooding and habitat damage to Aquatic Park

The City of Berkeley plans to use $2 million in Clean Water Bond money from the State Coastal Conservancy to open discharge outlets from the City’s primary storm drains into the tidal bay ponds of Aquatic Park. Discharge of contaminated storm water into the enclosed ponds has been prohibited by the State since 1971, but the City hopes to overturn that restriction and replace it with a permit allowing such toxic discharges in perpetuity. The use of high-pressure pumps can increase the capacity of the City’s drains and avoid violations of the Water Board’s prohibition. Improving circulation within the lagoon system must begin with regular maintenance of the existing culverts, the option selected by Council in 1994 when staff first proposed the project in an earlier version. Additional water circulation can be safely engineered with a one-way flow out of the lagoons, thus prohibiting the introductions of toxic storm runoff. Such one-way outbound options have been recommended for consideration by the State Water Board regulator in his project analysis, but they have not yet been modeled.

More information and how you can help.

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