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Walk around Aquatic Park; information on Cify of Berkeley projects

Walk around Aquatic Park with Mark Liolios (EGRET) and Toni Mester (CESP)

Saturday September 22 – 10 AM-12:30 PM

  • 10 AM: Meet at the Waterside Café, 84 Bolivar Drive outside seating only, introductions
  • 10:15: walk clockwise around the Park
  • 12:30: return to Touchdown Plaza

The walk is 2 miles on paved trail, suitable for wheelchairs, skateboards, and bikes with a few off-road spots that are not wheel friendly.

Appropriate dress in layers, sun hat. walking shoes and water bottle.

We will provide information relevant to 3 upcoming public processes:

  • Proposed landmarking of certain structures
  • Aquatic Park Improvement Program hydrology project
  • Zoning of adjacent parcels on Bolivar Drive

For more information call Toni at 510-848-8234

Make Mark Liolios of Aquatic Park EGRET your Conservation Hero (and help BPFP win $5000)

Vote for Mark and EGRET here. Deadline for voting is Sunday, October 10, 2010.

For more than a decade, EGRET under the leadership of Mark Liolios has worked to transform Aquatic Park into great habitat for herons, egrets, shorebirds, native plants — and people! On September 13, the Trust for Public Land, with Cox Enterprises, has named him one of five “Cox Conserves Heroes” for the Bay Area for 2010! See the Sept. 14 story on!

Mark and four other finalists receive $1,250 for the nonprofit of their choice — and Mark has chosen Berkeley Partners for Parks (EGRET’s sponsoring organization)! If Mark gets the most online votes, BPFP will get a total of $5,000!

Watch videos of the five winners and vote online for your favorite at Deadline for voting is Sunday, October 10, 2010.

Mark Liolios weeding with volunteers at Aquatic Park

Click the video below to start it, click it again to view it without the right side being cropped.

Berkeley’s waterfront history in maps

Fading image

The image below fades between Berkeley’s waterfront in 1917 and 2009.
Notice that the current east shoreline of Aquatic Park is the historic shoreline of the Bay. Also notice the current railroad line appears in the 1917 map.

Image source:

Combined image

1917 and 2009 combined image

Earth Team and Berkeley HS students celebrate Cesar Chavez day

A group of volunteers gather in Berkeley’s Aquatic Park Sunday March 8th to clear brush and plant trees. In the process of getting their hands dirty and improving their community, many discuss their actions in the context of a new President, a struggling economy, service, and an entitled generation.

The event was organized by a local volunteer and promoted through President Obama’s service website:

18 “Berkeley Project Month – Greener Berkeley!” volunteers help out.

Eighteen students from UC Berkeley, as part of “Berkeley Project Month – Greener Berkeley!”, spread the wood chips from three piles of mulch around the bases of several shoreline cypress trees planted two years ago by second graders from Rosa Parks Elementary School. After lunch they did trail improvement work, mounding the soil to create a wildlife overlook for park visitors.

Head-Royce students volunteer to help protect native plants.

Seventh graders from Head-Royce School worked along the southwestern shoreline of the Main Lagoon on March 6th. The twenty-five students, and the teachers and parents who accompanied them, protected the Monterey Cypress at that corner, as well as adjacent native shrubs, by covering the thistles and other invasive weeds with the wood chips from two enormous piles.