Walk around Aquatic Park; information on Cify of Berkeley projects

Walk around Aquatic Park with Mark Liolios (EGRET) and Toni Mester (CESP)

Saturday September 22 – 10 AM-12:30 PM

  • 10 AM: Meet at the Waterside Café, 84 Bolivar Drive outside seating only, introductions
  • 10:15: walk clockwise around the Park
  • 12:30: return to Touchdown Plaza

The walk is 2 miles on paved trail, suitable for wheelchairs, skateboards, and bikes with a few off-road spots that are not wheel friendly.

Appropriate dress in layers, sun hat. walking shoes and water bottle.

We will provide information relevant to 3 upcoming public processes:

  • Proposed landmarking of certain structures
  • Aquatic Park Improvement Program hydrology project
  • Zoning of adjacent parcels on Bolivar Drive

For more information call Toni at 510-848-8234

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