Aquatic Park EGRET Analysis of Dredging and Culvert Cleaning

July 2008 Aquatic Park Cleaning (Dredging) Project

Map showing culverts

The City of Berkeley Public Works Department proposes to dredge the area in front of the five tide tubes to the SF Bay (see PDF map, 622kB). This proposal is the "completion" of their ill-fated dredging of the area in front of the Strawberry Creek culvert at the north end of the park (see Daily Planet article from July 3, 2008).


Their current plan is ill-conceived and misdirected. Problems with it include:

EGRET recommends:

  1. Any City of Berkeley funds for cleaning culverts should be limited to the equalization tubes that connect Main Lagoon and the Model Yacht Basin and the connection between Potter Culvert and the Model Yacht Basin.
  2. No dredging should occur at this time. The CEQA Review process for the APIP can address the environmental impact and habitat value of dredging, and dredging now is "putting the cart before the horse."
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